Vibration measurements

The areas of application for vibration measurements pursuant to DIN 4150 are all places where heavy work produces mechanical vibrations that are so strong that they can impair the lives of people in nearby buildings or cause damage to building structures. Such vibrations are often caused by pile driving or demolition work but they can also be caused by soil compaction activities. It is particularly important to avoid exceeding the legally defined threshold values in densely populated areas or in the vicinity of sensitive production plants.

For the purpose of our vibration measurements, we employ linearised geophones, with which we measure and record vibration speeds in three spatial components in situ. Precise guide values are laid down in DIN 4150 for assessing the determined vibration speeds; experience shows that compliance with these will not result in any damage in the sense of impairment of a building’s serviceableness or use. Hence, these vibration measurements serve not only to verify that you as the property developer have complied with all the legal regulations, but they also show that effective measures have been taken to prevent damage. In addition to displaying measurements, we can also install visual and acoustic warning signal devices that are activated whenever a threshold value is exceeded. This allows you to prevent any damage to people or property by modifying the work processes in operation at your building site at an early stage.

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