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Not every subsoil forms a solid building surface, as many property developers have found out. Even areas whose surfaces would appear to be homogeneous occasionally vary greatly in their composition. This explains why it is so important to perform reliable ground testing that provides you with full information on the geological conditions at your site.

The findings of such a ground investigation inform you of the load-bearing capacity of the subsurface, i.e. the ability of the soil to absorb the loads exerted by the planned building structure. This means that even before construction begins, the suitability of the ground has been established. If the underground conditions are found to be unsuitable, there are a number of measures that can be taken to improve the soil conditions, such as compaction, soil replacement, or preloading; alternatively you can adapt your foundation to suit the existing ground conditions. This allows you to avoid consequential damage and the attendant costs that might occur as a result of severe or irregular subsidence of the subsoil.

In difficult terrain, such as on rivers or lakes, in harbours or by coastal waters, we employ several methods that are guaranteed to lead to reliable results, whatever the type of building subsurface under examination.


Cone penetration testing

Ordnance explorations

Vibration measurements

Earth construction control tests

Small drillings

Dynamic testing